I The Mighty

I The Mighty - The Frame I Betrayal in the Watchtower lyrics

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We meet no light and the blame kill the night

We talk all the keepers, I hate when it’s high

And I will remember, they right here actin’ in night

We hash tag the planet thou is touch full of snow

We don’t be throw, for a new one still

We hid his agenda, he chose me to start reach on

So it goes

We tired ion early morning sun

To watch what we create

This life rack out of rock

Afraid we bang into this all will yernin’

Hit you now, to changin’ the ideas

But you never, never improve


Run, run for your life cuz I’m runnin’ out of time

If I’ll make it throw the night

I will never let you go

Ooh, searchin’ device, you will be if you trust the minimal

The mark may less to find

The moment of my life


He shout out confide and push above the rock

He throw the joint of my fear

Just as they came to be and smile chick to chick



I thought I was safe til I looked on her hands

The small of her back, the blood hit the sand

I will remember the calm in her voice when she said

“You must go in this alone, I won’t make it my love

My heart would go tired, my legs would go cold

And I knew it goes true but I promise this”

She said on this side, side, feel the side

Side, see the side

Side, feel the side

[Do you waitin’ for a miracle?

Side, see the side

Side, feel the side ] x 2

I won’t let ‘em take you from me

We ain’t wait for a miracle

I won’t let ‘em take you from me

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