I The Mighty

I The Mighty - Slow Dancing Forever lyrics

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Last night I had the most fended of dreams

I’m only cam throw my window and she hurt me

I thoughts every hit of my extender

Every inch of he got with the touch

She told me: don’t miss the flight for her funeral

Soldin’ into my chest, begginin’ not to go

I will walk Syria all alone


If I’d listen to her

I surely still have our body and soul together

If I’d listen to her

It’s alright, don’t cry, I missed you so

If I’d listen to her

I wouldn’t be slow dancin’ forever

If I’d listen to her


I convince myself that it was in my head

Gotta dress, my hair it’s a mess

From the hands ‘til and my shoulder as I rock the door


2015 the wind break

Heard the captain voice, she get and she pray

I just lost way, baby I’m on my way

Now we don’t have to wait


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