I The Mighty

I The Mighty - Playing Catch With .22 lyrics

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I’ve been thinkin’ back to when we use to share a drink

On midnight walls

When you pretend the wind is raptin’ all the smoke in your lungs

I fight the erge to give all words to find by the ones you like

Goin’ down if I’d told you how I thought

I crack the ice or the dice


You just as selfish you away from the end of _______(?) all alone

Is that he seakin’ you away from the end

What you don’t know is that you seakin’ away and I will waste


Ride and take it back

To that time when you make your first step

I know how to watch you out

___________(?) but I was screamin’ in my head

How this all be an adventure?

How they’ll stay if I’ll be hurt

And if that moment came, wouldn’t it simply come forever

So how it’s tryin’ to carry me throw the flames

Watch it all for my own

Wanderin’ if I’ll win the game



Playin’ catch with 22

What design and what you’ll show

But every chose hold an end

Who will knows, maybe she is the one



Just fallin’ asleep with you it’s enough

To keep me hallo

We had forever all

It fall how we are

It’s great on us, waitin’ to belong

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