I The Mighty

I The Mighty - Lady of Death lyrics

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She was screamin' at the sky

With her arms outstretched, head high

And no fear of God in her eyes

I couldn't help but stare, she was so god damn beautiful

And so self aware! I felt her draw me in

I was movin' but couldn’t control a single limb

I heard her **huuum** & then my ears went numb

And with her perfect teeth & perfect tongue, she asks me


'How does it feel? Oh, how does it feel'

'To know everythin' u thought to be true isn't real?'

And her voice is lovely as she sings


'Drink it in, Have u eva seen oh

So many beautiful things destroyed in one piece? Ain't it grand?

Breathe it in, have u eva seen how we color everythin'?

Well, sometimes it's all black & white'

(Verse 2)

With that she touches my temple & I tremble

I can't breathe & I fall to my knees

My eyes are wide & projectin' out on the street

Like a movie screen but with every scene I feel the grief

And all the pain of every death, of every final thought that left a brain

I feel the weight of everyone. Of all the sorrow

All the people who were neva loved & she asks me




'So why put up a fight?'

Then it all went dark, till I awoke in a room of white

The sound of my heart beating out of my chest & the glare of floodlights

I hear them speak but I can’t make out a thing

(Death is but frequency we all will feel eventually)

I see her face covered up by a mask & she’s sayin' somethin'

(Death is but a frequency we all will feel eventually)

Oh but the voice is different, so everybody sing


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