I The Mighty

I The Mighty - Friends lyrics

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Ft. Max Bemis


U left the room and all my senses left with u

And now my body's just a place for blood

If I could taste then I'd be shakin' in my place

Just at the thought of what ur lips taste of

Oh, u luv to string me along and I know it

But resistance always lingers on my tongue

You're afraid you'll never belong

And I say it, but it's always tongue in cheek

(I choose all the right words but the words work against me)


Take my pride but you'll never take all my friends

Take my life and you'll never feel whole again

But if you're gonna make empty threats, then how dare u?

If the thought of an absent God doesn't scare u

If u want me to hold my breath while u carry on

Then come on!

(Verse 2)

I must admit, there was a time when u were it

You had my body, had my soul, my luv

But how we switched, I cracked the code, I scratched the itch

And you're aware the spell is wearin' off

You no longer string me along, and u know it

Bet it eats away at that confidence u feign

From afar I fell for it all, but close up

It comes off trite and cheap

(Well u can take it all off and I'd still keep my mind clean)



I've got this medicine in my head

Every day it secretes and tells me what I should have said

So I live in dread, that every thought that I vocalize should be silence instead

I've got this notebook that begs for luv

I hear it screamin' 'come on, boy, fill me like that whiskey cup!'

So I ripped him up, then I poured out a sip in remembrance of my paper cuts

I've got this paintin' that looks just like u

I'm sure the one who laid brush to canvas simply had no clue

Of the damage they'd do. With every look that I give

It burns, let it burn


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