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I The Mighty - Comet lyrics

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Your tongue told me truths that no one will believe

Of a rock the size of Texas with tricks up its sleeve.

It’s coming somewhere to earth.

Doesn’t really matter where because it’s still gonna hurt.

So lets make the best of the time that we have.

I can see that you are by the shortness of that skirt and the way you walk the ally-ways of this boulevard.

And I’m right there by your side.

Just soaking in the glares of a thousand staring eyes…

But I’ll savor each glance.

I’ll adore the attention that you cleanse your ego by daily bathing in.

I won’t hold you back. No I shall not be selfish.

I am perfect being the impartial tag-along.

I kill you with praise, with words of ambition.

For like the truest of loves, I’m destined to set you free amongst these villagers.

These sorry common folk.

They know nothing of the coming. of the calming words you spoke.

Watch them scuttle over differences, the unimportant follies of the misunderstood.

Their bias drunken narratives.

I’m so tired of being understood.

I’m so tired of being understood.

I’m so tired of being underneath the curl of a question mark.

So call it like it is!

No more bullshitting.

Call it like it is!

Be oh so brutal with your honesty.

Go call the pigs! Go call the pigs!

You can’t prove a damn thing.

Call it like it is!

So you can help me find a way out.

Find a way out of this and I’ll show you life like you’ve never seen it babe.

Find a way out of this and I promise you’ll be gracious.

For he who tells a lie will solemnly swear he’s not scared to die.

So laugh in his face, because he’s a fake.

And when that day comes you watch him shake. (oh he’ll shake)

So color me red like blood just for the hell of it.

You won’t hear a thing from me.

And smile as we make love for what will be the last time before we leave.

Promise you won’t feel a thing.

Cause you’re only fighting fire with fire,

You’re only fighting fire with fire.

You’re only fighting fire with fire.

Fuck this let's just fight fire with fire.

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