I The Mighty

I The Mighty - Andrew’s Song lyrics

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U always told me to write a song about Andrew

Lil did you know that it would be about you

And I think he knows I won't see him come undone

When we meet up again to tie our own noose

His head at rest on my shoulder

In that place you used to call ur nook

Well, I'll let you stay till sleep stole u from ur book


But now we're on our own

I'm only missin' u so much

I lose control of where my thoughts go

'til you're someone I don't know

(Verse 2)

And the worst part of all of this

Is the way you claim to regret the day that we met

I'd neva trade the years of luv that we've spent



I guess that's just how it goes sometimes

You fall in, you fall out, then wonder

If you'll eva even get a reply

I'm sorry lately that I neva luvd u betta

Even though we shouldn't be together

I'll always hate myself for not havin' self control

So now we're on our own


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