I, Tay Stayness

I, Tay Stayness - The Strength Of A Tiger

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i took a glance at the room full of strangers

won-der-ing what, they think

but straight away i knew i fit in there

within my soul i was sensing some danger

within a blink i knew i needed a drink

try to avoid, the feeling of your long stare

maybe you saw i had the strength of a tiger

maybe thats why, i amaze

cant every man posess the strength of a tiger

just like me

thou im feeling weak ive been kicked around the whole town

now theres nothing left to do but

prove to you the strength of this tiger

prove to you this man

cause the axel grinds for nobody else

thats why i do the best i can

i wish that people could see what you do

not 'fraidy cat, not a cub

but there's a he-man living inside me

rest be assured there is no uncomfy voodoo

that makes me brave, only when i love love

love makes me strong, i climb above the moutains

and in this world i fight for freedom

i will revolt, i'll seek

and in a way i find, strength as a tiger

cant you see?

please let me take my time, as i turn 'round

i ain't ever been before

and if i seem just too small for this whole town

wait 'till you see me

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Thanks to Tay

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