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I Can Do Bad All By Myself movie - I Can Do Bad All By Myself! lyrics

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Somebody told me once that pain is a game we all gota play.<br>

Then why am in over time & sudden death every other day<br>

I know that for the good of life there's a price we all gota pay<br>

But ill pay till im poor and I still dont know<br>

what it is to have a good day<br>


Since everybody knows what it is that i need to do<br>

well do me a favor<br>

let me worry about me, and you worry about you<br>


I dont need no one to put me down<br>

Im on the ground, cant get no lower<br>

And I Dont need no one to hang around<br>

And make me frown, just makes me look older<br>

And I dont need no one to black my eye and tell me lies<br>

Dont wanna cry over<br>

And Nobody else<br>

I can do bad all by Myself<br>


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