I, a Man

I, a Man - Less Travelled

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Caught to the gall, better property lines

Sure you got faith and the crushing of highs

But I’m thinking not think straight

But the choices that’s he makes

Lead me back here again

To that house we make

‘til I find make your eyes dropping for a change in time

Please lose and come to fact it those

Not feels stuck ooh the fancy child

Chain to chain again

Tired and sleep ‘cause I feel less travelled now

As the side how repeats

Fly ‘cause it find my ego out

I keep come on and ...changing tangs

These loves come to fact in you

I feel stuck all defense the style

And I’ll be right if I’m with wrong my advice

Then I know I’ll the part to escape to the sky

Seems to rather avoid always changing color

Still acting baler, always undercover

Seems the loud are avoid it

Always changing color

Still an actor…always undercover

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