I-20 - The Realist lyrics

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[Hook x4]

I'm the realest

the realest nigga

the realest nigga

[Verse 1]

I-20's in the building, set it off and get it cracking

I got something in the truck, to get the crunk and start the action

Keep 'em popping, I'm a pop it, where ya crews at? (crews at?)

Oh yeah you riding clean but nigga where ya shoes at? (shoes at?)

I said I put this on my momma, ain't no hoe in me nigga

I keep it loaded just for drama, let it go in you nigga

And I ain't scared of none of y'all, talking gums with you white

Yeah you packin', but you actin', shootin' nothing but dices

Now, who the realest down south?, spittin game with that speech

These niggaz recognize my face and keep they name on the street

Oh you been waitin', you been hatin', you can't breathe now (breathe now)

Shit, we been cookin for a while, its time to eat now (eat now)

You tell these ballin' muthafuckas that I'm blocking they dreams

I'm top five, dead or alive off one sixteen

And this twenty talking to you nigga neva forget

And since y'all a bunch of pussies, you about to get wet, bet

[Hook x4]

I'm the realest

the realest nigga

the realest nigga

[Verse 2]

It ain't easy, but I do it like its nothing to me

Now everybody talking greasy but they frontin' to me

Oh yeah you down to move a pound, where ya weight at (weight at)

I got a deal just off a verse and niggaz hate that (hate that)

After the show, pull ya hoe, make her leave with the clique

Disrespect, cause an effect of pimpin' a trick

While you was on her, you was hoping, we would fold up and quit

We on tour, pullin whores every city wit hit

Then that yak get the flowin', DJ play the record

If you know you ain't swaggin, time to head for the exit

Cuz I'm fiendin' for the top, I can taste that (taste that)

I know you down to cut me shawty, where that face at? (face at?)

Don't ever play the dealer, nigga try and get smoked

My niggaz chop a brick in half and call that shit diet coke

And it's the hardest shit going, nigga leave it ain't that

I-20s in this bitch, and that shit is a wrap, Lets Go

[Hook x4]

I'm the realest

the realest nigga

the realest nigga


Decatur, Decatur, Decatur, (Clap it Out Shawty)

Decatur, Decatur, Decatur, (Clap it Out Shawty)

[Verse 3]

Its time to dig into ya chest, I been waiting for a minute

Know you heard about my vest, you can't wait to get up in it

If ya girl is into singing then its no prob (no prob)

But I don't care if she can blow, I want a blow job (blow job)

Push the seat way back, while a pimp ride slow

With a short dog 'Lac, gone off Hydro

Playboy 2-0, shoot a grand on a stripper

And she down to fuck us all, and give a damn if we tip her

Cuz this the big league and you all street shooters

And ya shoots going go, so the heat's going through ya

If you ain't down to make a stand, you get laid down (laid down)

That just the way these niggaz livin gin the A-Town (A-Town)

Throw ya side up high, let the people know you repping

Any zone, any hood, any block, any section (come on)

I'm the streets first choice, when its come to who's realest

Eastside, A-Town, I-Dub, you feel it

[Hook x4]

I'm the realest

the realest nigga

the realest nigga

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