I-20 - So Decatur lyrics

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[I-20 - Talking]

Eastside .. Eastside hoe this our anthem

Yo killa's here, I-20 let's run niggaz


I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur


Dealer got the coke for all the snorters and the shooters

If I say they online, I ain't talkin' 'bout computers

D.E.C. Eastside hoe we back on the grind

If I'm in the trap I like to pack a mack or a 9

In '94 I'm sellin' bass, in a place called spanish trace

In a second you can vanish, dead and gon' without a trace

I caught my first case, for boomin' out the back of south deca'

Man I wouldn't be caught there without a Z atleast a half

Shit I had to be fresh, they had the T's on friday night's

And if the car ain't got no shoes, I can't say I'm ridin' right

I had this trick, out in Eastwick, who turn tricks and suck dick

And when I went to see her, I would always have a full clip

Scottdale bitch, one been through some rappin' lands

Mr. Coug' a damn shame, call the twins from jagged edge

And I will rep the D.E.C., til' it ain't no breath in me

Whether Glenwood, Rainbow, Flexo's or Macavee see...


I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur


Yeah, I talk that dope slang folk, rock and dust

Treat my hoes like my pistols, cock and bust

You better study hip-hop, if you think someone else

Could spit the game so trill and get they shit off the shelf

Niggaz think they so fire, well I'ma full alarm blaze

Set ya braids on fire, til' they burn to a fade

This that eastside shit dog, let it be known

And our hands in all the car folk, nothin' but chrome

It's all stuntin' in the Dec. dog that's rule #1

Ya see more niggaz touchin' rims then a game of 21

And I'm so slum with it, my roots are du' deep

I'm so street if I get shot I'd probably bleed concrete

Take a second, swallow what you heard

Try to understand while they follow every word

While they put me on a pedastile and worship what I say

I-Dub out that eastside and this is how we pray, say ugnhh!


I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur


I-Double, I'm straight out the Dec., no one is better

Niggaz claim I changed my style, but I only changed the letters

From BMX to BMW, AK's to MP's

.OZ's to ASCAP, the BUS to SUV's

Bitch please, I'm from Atlanta where we brawl and we fight

When you ever heard me rhyme and it was only aiight

I ain't shit, but I'am the shit, you do the math

This ain't a clip, it's a full clip, move or get blast

The only one that could be king, cause I do it for real

Don't believe me we can hit the deck and do it for real

Pretty thugstyle, got these bitches kissin' us off

Fake rappers sound like bad blaoww's, pissin' me off

Infamous, I'ma icon, ain't no endin' me

Call Chaka all you want, and you still won't be D.T.P.

Basically y'all faggots, cause you do it and run

Ain't no killa's on the payroll cause we do it for fun, folk


I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur

I'm so Decatur

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