I-20 - My Life is Real lyrics

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Ah, my life so fast, break rappers who sposed to rise

Government seal flow it’s been on the rise

Motherfucker niggas saying I ain’t ill though

These sucker duck niggas never fit the dildo

Life’s a bitch and I’m just tryian cop a feel dough

Homucidal swag nigga you would kill for

I ain’t never leaving niggas so get used to me

These young niggas, they ain’t even what I used to be

Polygraph crime tell these motherfuckers truthfully

Money never sleep so the game could never roof to me

40 nigga sold now, we ain’t even started yet

A couple gold placks for me, you ain’t even tried yet

Let the devil stare us player, you are not a starter yet

Every line see y’all the same and heard the rap...

Dealer spit crack and I ain’t here to rip the water yet

Married to the money yeah caught the fucking carter yet

[Hook] x 2

My life is real nigga, real talk

You fuck around and I will let that fucking still talk

Stand on my own two, can no nigga carry me

Real nigga, I’ma be here till they bury me

I guess I’m overshadowed, I ain’t looking for the lime life

Before there’s nothing left, I’ma just make it so my mind right

Presidential rollie, I’ma just make it so the time right

Everyday’s a movie, I’ma just make it sure my lines’ right

Heard your girl the groupie and she say that nigga rhyme tight

Fuck the game, she just wanna ride my pine right

20-20 vision, I’ve been seeing all with time flight

Dirty south nigga, I can show you what the crime like

12 years strong now, ain’t no fucking over us

Drunk off my acomplishments and I ain’t tryina sober up

I need a bitch to hold me down, whenever try to hold me up

I’m all about my paper now, ain’t nobody folding up

Ain’t nobody cold as us, you can make a benefit

Living dollar lifestyle, dope or ...

I swear with every single line I think I’m getting better it

If it ain’t my time, I think that I’m ahead of it

[Hook] x 2

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