I-20 - Murder One lyrics

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Words from a real nigga

if you never hurt from one

any time I did with dirty guns it's all murder one

I'll explain for ..from sun,

Sean what we speed about,

A 20 got a bunch of bars,

and you can get a sick about,

graduated from the hand the hands

now I'm..I'll tell the motherf*cker man to man

I am in the zone, if I say I'll go to war with them

I'm not kicking them,

I don't treat em like they metal possum in,

and I'm sicking on em,

they say my eyes is flippin on me

nigga that will be the game, I guess it's in my DNA

the ladies nigga be away,

this niggas just the animated draw up a caught off life,

to me just a caffeinated, they just a bunch of height

I did your bitch a punch of pip, eat em sees for lonesome right

bullets travel through your abs, you'd better have your punches right

they say that Bobby's back and all his attitude sold back attitude

and spit crack and you're gonna have to ..have it so.

Okay, so nigga we can kick it off,

ain't nobody nice as me,

I'll put it through the.. rice,

'cause ain't nobody ice in me,

ain't nobody trife as me,

I'll put it on my life and see,

bitches try to scope me out,

but ain't nobody slipe in me,

so if you wanna porter mine

you gonna need some autograph,

nigga it ain't ballin if you do it then regardless time

now we feelin the.. bubble,

mollies there for cook from trouble,

plus I'm famous score went to hores,

that's a triple double, man this niggas just a..one s

so I'm drownin mountain till I see the number for myself,

I just count em more, east side nigga I'ma have to rip my county on em

everybody thought I was a saint till that bount it on em,

see this nigga for and every time, for the open dough

you sellin box with the God nigga that's the open door

I walk em like I'm talking dog, yeah I'm going tow for toe,

if you know the only acting better slow your role.

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