I-20 - Kush Clouds lyrics

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Okay, I can now and grind more writing every day now

need to steal hating on me tell em pull the sail out

I'm writing with a kate now, I ain't scared this crave now

you know this ain't money talk who got something to say now

you know you won't stay down, you download lay down

give me spittin ..scale, pay it like you with now,

you know the old say I'm loud now will croll later,

if you playin with my paper, last now will die later,

ain't nobody greater I could prove it so you ..out,

or you can catch your bullet like a slamp talk,

what's the damn I could find out what a beam loss,

they say Bobby go in ham and you will be..

never droll on what's sayin trust me I have seen lot,

'cause once you get inside of head nigga in the dream eyes,

I've seen it to a beans eyes, once it get it first taste

the gamers now tell the vibe consider this your first tape

and ever made me..I'm tryin to move a..

I'm hustle every single way, I guess it's in my DNA

a couple things you wanna know the game ain't got the..go

you say you are here to push your way, bitch you're doing hard of yall

laugh from the..and now just gotta new connect

but I ain't talk the X-fox, that follow every single step

a bunch of feaders nigga talk, and all they came to pay the bill,

they ain't try to set it off, they're tryin to..will

this could be your very all, I'll teach you how the soaker feel,

that's why there ain't no second verse 'cause that would..open kill,

I gotta call shoulders still, I still wanna hold the cast,

on the road to riches I would throw you off the over past

I'm the realest seeking out, you just call hard,

every grind the zone point and you would off go,

the big doll, I ain't got a.. about it,

that nigga brought some kush so we can talk about it.

Kush road now we spend..the spark now

Kush road now we spend..the spark now

Kush road now we spend..the spark now

Kush road now we spend..the spark now

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