I-20 - I'm On lyrics

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Dope boys with dope lines

dope-dope boys with dope lines,

Dope boy with dope..

Dope boys with dope lines, move sex no old line,

y'all..don't birth down, we flip pounds the whole night

we got soul, we got heart, we move work but no pay chick,

move keys like way tolls 'cause we see next shit there,

this life's pawl the she live, her own crib with no kid,

'cause hussin she ought next, no small talk just tip big,

cruise roll, pill a palm, pains.. flip flop,

got no beef, 'cause we too deep,

we're once grief, with no piss stopping,

Okay, case out with no case yeah,

big bang she stay with, I know the past they test test like

Alright, grind more and hate list,

see I'll save more and race list,

and you want more but chase list,

Yes Sir, throwin breads we tryin' the mouth,

call hard, we got south the mouth,

father bitch has bottom out,

No Sir, you ain't working as hard I bimp

we over time, we over slept,

the numbers in am I quarter..like

2 x Hook:

If I wanna I can get her,

I got more than I can give her,

I said f*ck that nigga with her I'm on

Okay, work the pole and then dance slow

so I'm on but you stand for

what the f*ck you think I got the benz for?

Okay real rap, real speak, you're real squad look real bitch,

I get them sees in real time then make the stune and that's real sick,

and real life move real bricks, keep doughs I hit real licks

shock vies bad news, lights out with my kill sweet

trill shit we pill quick, hard crome won't steal shit

that block out from backs out, from waste down you won't feel shit,

Okay, he ain't working the shit like me,

he ain't merking the shit like me,

she ain't twerking that shit for free,

yes sir, call me right or don't call me at all,

spend tall I won't want that all,

and I want I come to pall,

that's right, head cope and I'll teach you damn

flip coke and I teach you can

can't scare she gonna give me brain like

real talk, bend it over and tust them toes,

Slow it and then make it roll

I'll work it out and then leave you slow like

Yeah, break em in and then break em off

Make em ride and then cake em off

I lean em and then shake em off like,

take em off like, take em off like.

[2 x Hook:]

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