I-20 - Eyes Open (Intro) lyrics

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Ahora los ojos

Open your eyes

Open your eyes

[Verse 1]

Its time to get lost in my music you get lost don't confuse it

I was born for this shit so I never had to choose it

I would kill for the chance to get on you get off

I'm not sayin that I'm hard I'm just sayin you soft

The world wanna know my past if I'm real or if I'm not

Did I really play the trap have I ever dealt a rock

Is he really from the block where's the wounds that he got

It take a man to do the shootin anyone can get shot

So fuck the fact I had to grind or the fact that I did time

I should only be defined by the fact that I can rhyme

So I really ain't concerned if I seem street to em

Half the niggaz my niggaz like I don't even speak to em

So I spit that fly shit becuz I'm in it to last

And you ain't got enough style miles to be in my class

So before you cast your ballots on who's the greatest MC

Now that Jordan done retired and LeBron's in the league

You gon have to mention me and believe me it hurts

Its y'all that never paid attention to my previous work

But ain't no need bitchin I done captured your attention

Its a race to the top and I will go the distance

In the south's top label and the worlds our agenda

We give a fuck how we live just as long as you remember

Hear that hunger in my voice and that pain that I carry

But you can't admit you feel me til I'm dead and I'm buried

That's the worst part man cuz believe me I'm a fan

If it only is a demo well we did a million scans

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