I-20 - Backstage lyrics

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(feat. Butch Cassidy)


Yeah, adult Hip Hop 25 and older put your hands up

Rich Nice where you at baby? Whoo!

I go by the name Bobby Bronson

Yeah, this is Disturbing Tha Peace

Every now and then we switch it up, you know

Mellow it out, I'm capable of that, you know

[Verse 1: I-20]

Yeah, now you about to hear the sounds of Down South Hip Hop

In my CL-Vert with the top just dropped

Some broad from backstage at the show I just rocked

but before I hit the room I make a quick pitstop

Late night, Buckhead, time to hit the BP

a new pack a switches and a box of MC's

Got no time for playin hope the broad know well

the penthouse suite at the Swiss Hotel

It's the real after party if you tryna meet me

got anything to drink, I just need some I.D

If you know you ain't cutting it's gonna be a long walk

cause you came here for nothing if you think we gonna talk

[Chorus Butch Cassidy]

Backstage we chilling where the players are

the ladies hoping just to meet a star

and ain't telling what they gonna do

we been sitting on the couch for all the things we do

we'll only take you if you bad as hell

no disrespect if you look so well

its kind of crazy if you understand

so let's take advantage now, and keep these hoes in check

[Verse 2: I-20]

Now I ain't tryna be rude but lets get this thing moving

if not keep it moving cause these other hoes choosing

If pussy was a drug I woulda been OD'd

if you niggaz fucking dimes then my bitch is a key

Pimp a dime, break a bitch, take the chick of the leash

so if niggaz wanna hit it you can rent it at least

sounds fucked up don't it, but it's part of the game

Same women holla lover all caught up in fame

And the girls at 'cris concert be acting the worst

claiming they don't know a nigga but they rapping my verse

It's cool shawty, you ain't gotta know me to cut

cause if you know me then you probably know I'm ready to cut


[Verse 3: I-20]

Love this ain't hip hop, this and this is all a little message

that our dressing room is really for undressing

You wanna talk to me, even date me at that

But the night still young baby later for that

You wanna know my real name, where I'm from, how to start

and me I'm just tryna get your legs spread apart

Yo nigga told you that he love you and you fell right in

and now you see he never meant it and his car was just rented

here's a drink, take a shot, take a sip, here's a glass

use that backstage pass to give me backstage ass

see it ain't no disrespect if you know you too proud

so take this autograph and stay the fuck in the crowd

[Butch Cassidy (I-20)]

Backstage the only place for you and me

then we head straight to the (?) (break it down)

there's no other place I'd rather be (come on)

between the sheets (speak to em, dog)

Backstage (everyone feel free to sing)

Get Paid (everybody hand should be up at this point)

Get Laid (we going back to the dance floor, you ready? 1, 2, 3, 4)

[Chorus w/ (I-20 ad-libing)]

Yeah, the sounds of my man Butch Cassidy

I am The I-20, Eastside to the fullest

it's all love it's all good, ya'know

[I-20 talking]

25 and over adult hip hop, yeah

Butch Cassidy, I-20 Eastside

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