I-20 - 100 Percent lyrics

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Ok nigger I am back again

To my fans what’s handling

Straight of the banana

But I am proud to be African

Let’s blow another pack again

Blow another .. again

Tell .. and I will blow up another pack again

Ask her where she hear that too

Tell her I am billowing again

I see I am Liberian

She says she is Somalia

Then we start a party …

What’s up with the Nigerian

Shout up to a …

And a nigger ..

Watch what we do ..

That’s what I am supposed to do

.. and I am here for solo black

..Wait a second make some noise

Where the fuck is …

Come on go .. hands up

Let me hear .. loud

This is for my Africans

Let them know we brag and brogue

Wait until my ship blow up

Let me see …

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