Hyro Da Hero

Hyro Da Hero - F*** You (Say It To Your Face)

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I don’t like John Mayer he don’t like black women

And f*** Mel Gibson cuz he think we rape bitches

I can’t believe today people still got hate in ‘em

Because subconsciously equality is far from being finished

Can’t trust school or religion cuz teachers and preachers is tryin’ to

touch children

Ain’t worried ‘bout the world being brain damaged

Only concerned with how uncomfortable they feel with my pants saggin’

Kiss my ass is the message that I’m sayin’ I’m just in style cuz I’m young

still educated

But some rappers be ignorant and still my brothers they just embarrass me

like some boys wit a drunk uncle

We want big bucks so much money on my mind all the time that I’m broke I’m

still rich

We are a world full of selfish ass hypocrites we love cheap labor but

complain about the immigrants


When you rise people wanna see you fall, we are the planet where gravity is

the law

I’m floatin’ X3

You could have it all and still have nothing at all

Success is so overrated X2

Most people won’t confront you but straight to your face I say f*** you,

They won’t call you a bitch but Hyro Da Hero will call you that quick X2

I try to inspire the youth instead they still got guns in the hallway,

drugs in the classroom

Act like savages fightin’ on youtube and these the images of us that people


Movies like ? set us out to make figures and the white folks sayin’ “I’m so

glad I’m not a N***”

Hope Sandra Bullock really has a blind side she was about to raise a black

baby with a racist guy

People scream they wanna take America back now I wonder what they mean when

they say that.

White celebrities say N*** than apologize, Ain’t no way to cover up how

you feel inside

Scream the words at fisher make us feel bad, don’t be mad I can say a word

that you can’t

Every day people stole our attack cue the music and fan jets and all that


(you have the freedom to be who you wanna be, say what you wanna say,

become the change, you thought it comes quick)


If you are the chosen your under hypnosis X4

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