Hurt - The Party lyrics

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Cause you've got netting in me, you've got one breath

Don't step it if you win 'em then name it

You get hard slapped and your guess is just as good

It's my guess, but I guess that you, that you got at least two steps

But then it's one step, and then another


Here I go (on the road towards you)

Here I go (lil daemon I know)

Here I go (when you told it was you)

Here I go (and the screaming's over)

Here I...

(verse 2)

A man comes home to find you both in bed, undressed

You know you're both as good as dead

You've got, baby, maybe one breath, one step

And if you wait a minute, mister, you guess who's next

Oh, baby, maybe you've got one step cause bullets

Wouldn't make it this dance

You're in the wrong place in the wrong time

I've looked back, all that, there's nothing


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