Hurt - That (Such A Thing) lyrics

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Theres a place where we people dance<br>

While holding hands<br>

To light of the moon.........<br>

They sing to me tunes...<br>

Im not ugly<br>

And loved ones that die still survive with no pain<br>

And id lose if it went away<br>

Just how do I begin to explain..<br>

By the way, your way or my way, its ok, cuz either way you dont have a name!!<br>


Its when she loved me<br>

The taste of the dew and the music in you<br>


Its the moment that dont let you down<br>

A place you go, when theres no one around<br>

The taste you know when the tears touch your mouth<br>


What you think<br>

What you seek<br>

What you find<br>

And I know that its always around<br>

Yea a love that it always around<br>


I know you tend to complicate the choice you make<br>

But please dont lose...... something so beautiful<br>

Its very lovely<br>

But who am I to stay in this world that I made?<br>

And I knew when your wind went away<br>

Yet I knew cuz you whispered my name<br>


You said you loved me<br>

But how could I ever explain such a thing<br>


Its the moment you open your eyes<br>

While you think that theyre all still alive<br>

Till the taste of the tears will remind<br>


What you feel<br>

What youd fear<br>

What youd find<br>

Its the moment that wont let you down<br>

Its your scream when you cant make a sound<br>

Its all you see with the tears rolling down<br>


Its what you think<br>

Its what you fear<br>

But you know you will fiiiiiiind<br>

Know that its always around<br>

Know that its always around<br>


...and I know that its always around...<br>


<i>[Thanks to Kyle B for these lyrics]</i><br>


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