Hurt - Rock ‘N’ Roll lyrics

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Whoever pulls right up to his private plane

He takes his t-shirt off with his Gucci shades

But it says two wheels cause you're all the same

(You know his name, you know his name)

They bring him three young virgins and a bottle of scotch

Because it's God's next gift to electric rock

(You will never leave him waiting or you might know wrath)

You know the drill (you know he will...)


The rock n' roll, a star but you a __________(?)

It would fill your holes, but mostly wanna put it in ya

It has no meaning but you see it's selling autographs

That bullshit makes me mad

(Verse 2)

Step off the bus as we start the day

Them dirty said two words from the vocal strain

Man, I'm so damn sorry I forgot your name

The other day it took without a break(?!)

The only key is with the owner and he comes in late

To swallow up good Bourbon like a Rocklin shade

It takes a decent brother work to get the kid on the stage

You know the drill (you're bros, wassup)


The rock n' roll you love, Versace jacket on your

It clears your soul of hope, but puts a bullet in you

Here comes the morning, I keep going just with knowing that

______________(?) when he'll be back


The vomit stains and the human waste will keep me company

With miles of ___(?) for anyone that ever loved me

I wait to meet you, but you'd think we'll sell it all our past

That bullshit makes me mad

I guess it's due for the _____(?)

I guess it's due for the _____(?)

Let's just do a lil poison, love adored for now

If you come too late to get out

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