Hurt - Pandora lyrics

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Oh, you love to hear her moan<br>

And when you come around<br>

And hope that she is alone<br>

'Cause the weather makes the sound<br>


Its alright she says...<br>

Come inside she says...<br>

Come inside...<br>


My love, call it skin beneath the moonlight<br>

Was a vision of a better time<br>

When you and I have different lives<br>

Is something the matter?<br>

No, she brought him to the finish line<br>

Saying you will learn in due time<br>

She shook and moaned and spread her thighs<br>


Oh it's alright she said...<br>

Come inside she said...<br>

Come inside...<br>


This is...<br>

How hope is gone<br>

This is...<br>

How hope was lost<br>

Now hope is gone<br>


Well you know, that thing before that bothered me<br>

The man who owns me rightfully<br>

Has quite a hefty policy<br>

Well accidents happen<br>

So, with an implication in the air<br>

I turned an bolted out of there<br>

She followed and made me aware<br>

I'll get what I want<br>

If you don't, I'll tell you how my story goes<br>

He broke into the window<br>

With me in just like any clothes<br>

You made me undress, then...<br>


You came inside she said...<br>

Get back inside she said...<br>

Get back inside...<br>


So this is...<br>

How hope is gone<br>

Now I know...<br>

I know<br>

How hope was lost<br>


<i>[Thanks to Kyle B for these lyrics]</i><br>


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