Hurt - Letters From Nowhere lyrics

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Okay, I think it’s just the last thing that you’d think about

But if u think about it, think about me losin' my mind

I know you’ll use some excuse that you’ve figured out

If you’ll excuse me you’re here and you’re in my way

You’re in my way, you’re in my way, you’re my way

I started usin' but the booze will make me paranoid

What’s the use cause I’m a loser and I’m losin' my mind

Some say its okay, cause clean living’s just a phase and you’re on ur way

You’re on your way, you’re on your way you’re on my way


Cause I could see you from up here

From this no place that I found

I know you’re lost cause I’m lookin' down

'Til a miracle appears, but a miracle from here is nowhere close to no one’s hope from nowhere land


You start to wonder if the wonder meant more wonderful

You start to think but then the thing became too typical

You start to use I know u only wanted one more

One more mistake and you’re on your way

You’re on your way, you’re on your way



So can u feel me from back here?

I know there’s no place that’s been found

When you’re up, u ain’t comin' down

Till ur miracle appears, but your miracle my dear, is here below cause miracles don’t come to nowhere

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