Hurt - Danse Russe Redux lyrics

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Get now what it takes

And now I select, go made

I come on over, run on over

Til the angels set you free

Go on the human place

And down select, don’t made

I come on over, make it over when I need to feel you

Were all in my head? Was all in my mind?

Then I’ll become and leave it all behind

And I can stop and wander why

That some days are in the very worst case

But I gotta believe that I go in this way

Just now tell me it’s ok

I guess we chill in twister days

Cuz you tiny dancer, get my day and she never askin’ what to say

She will brings me over on a dance russe

On my emotions rumor, emotions rumor

Chase the ghost to me

[So hold on to my peace

And don’t you let go of me

Or come on over to pick it over

But I need to feel your embrace] x 2

Why you beat while we’re asleep?

You whisperings the sweetest things

Cause the side and start the dreams

Cuz it’s all this you make to me

Come on over and I will show you

Someone that will need some clover

Witch mean that you’ll touch my shoulder

I’m gonna tear from this dance in my bed

Well I never ask you much to say

She reminds me all the dance russe

And my emotions wanded x 2

To trace and bluss to me

Cuz there’s a tiny dancer in my memory

And you never have so much to say

She reminds m of the dance russe

With my emotions, emotions

Won’t you face my ghost for me?

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