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Those things you thought that were obscene

Will quickly become your routine

And he invited you over

An addict quickly gets indressed

With something ot get off her chest

You made a trade 'cause you're sober

And it stings to remind you

Of all that's behind you

But i don't want to lose you right now...

'cause they say it gets better before it gets worse

You know it gets better, so of course it gets worse

Your body's made of dollar bills

You'd spend them all on some cheap thrill

But what when you're older?

You stuck a point into your arm

But did you contemplate the harm?

As it moved up your shoulder...

Did it make you feel better

Right before it got worse

I used to make you feel better

But now it just hurts...

And there's no hope 'cause i'm in love with you

I cannot cope; guess i'm addicted too

You keep on coming over me

I keep on crying over you

It shows me what it's come to be

It shows me what i mean to you

'cause you're killing me......

And after all you would think

It's my fault when all in all i know is that you're killing me!

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