Howlin' Wolf

Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin lyrics

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Smokestack Lightnin (optional version)

(C. Burnett)

Howlin' Wolf

Hubert Sumin, Willie Johnson - guitars

Hosea Lee Kennard - piano

Willie Dixon - bass, Earl Phillips - drums

w/band chorus

<Same track containing the band's own chorus

through Smokestack Lightnin'.

Does not contain all lines due to each singing

different lines simultaneously.

Recorded Chicago 1956 (master 7985)

Album: Moanin' In The Moonlight

Original Chess Masters MCA Records CHD-5908


Intro Instrumental - chorus begins

(Howlin' Wolf, another wolf beatin on his do')

(Howlin' Wolf man, another wolf prowlin for sho')

(Howlin' Wolf man, another wolf's crawlin out his door)

Oh well, Smokestack Lightnin'

(Tell you bout the other wolf's howlin' for sho')

(Said, who's been?)

Shining just like gold

(Another wolf's is howlin' at his door)

(Should-a seen, another wolf crawlin' in his door)

(Girls just like gold things, is not ever what they seem)

(Another wolf howlin' at his door)

Girl, don't you hear me crying?

(Shouldn't have been there)

(Another wolf's prowlin at yo front door)

Wa-ooo (Wolf howlin')

(Another wolf's crawlin' out yo door)


(Wolf howlin')

(Other wolf's howlin' at his door)

(Small town ho')

(Other wolf's crawlin out yo back door)

(Don't come in)

(Another wolf's prowlin at his door)

(Sho can't see)

Ooh-oh well, tell me baby

(Can't see, that another wolf's howlin' round his do')

(I don't, I don't trust nothin' bout his ho')

What's the matter here?

(Baby's gone out your back door)

Girl don't you hear me crying?

(Howlin' wolf's cryin out his back do')

Wa-ooo, Screw-ooo-ooo, screw you

(Howlin' Wolf howlin' out his door)

(Won't come back)


(Howlin' Wolf man, another wolf prowlin for sho')

(Howlin' Wolf man, another wolf crawlin out his door)

(Sho has been)

(Another wolf crawlin' in his do')

(Won't come back)

(Another boy's prowlin' round yo do')

(Won't come back)

(Another wolf's crawlin out yo back do')

Whoa- well (she's a cheat) tell me baby

(Won't tell you nothin' when she's dead)

Where did you stay last night?

(Howlin' Wolf's gonna catch that man)

(Another wolf's howlin at yo do' for sho')

Oh, don't you hear me crying?

(Another wolf's talkin bout yo' ho')

Wa-ooo, wa-ooo-ooo-ooo, well-ooo

(Small town man, another wolf's talkin' bout)

(Your small town ho')

(The whole town's talkin' about his ho')

(Won't come back)


Oh well, stop yo train

(Sho sayin)

(They both were prowlin round his do')

Let 'em both arrive

(They both were crawlin' out yo back do')

(No sense cryin' bout a small town man)

Well, don't you hear me cryin?

(he thinks - two is comin out of the door)

(he thinks - both is comin out the train's front door)

(he thinks - evryone's talkin bout his ho'

(he thinks - evryone's talkin' bout the uptown man

(small town girl is not yo ho')

Wa-ooo, wa-ooo-ooo-ooo, well-ooo


Whoa-well, fare ye well

(Fare ye well, he was a small town boy)

(Smoke Stack Lightnin' round his door)

Never see you no mo'

(Never see you round his do')


Sho' sayin, he know you was prowlin' round his do')

(He knows you was prowlin' round his do')

A-girl, don't you hear me cryin?

(Shoot that man, and they'll stop prowlin' round his do')


(They'll stop prowlin' round his do')

(Small town man)

(They'll stop crawlin' out his do')

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo-ooo-ooo, well-hoo

(Small town man)

(Oughta put a chain around his do')

(Small town man)

(Oughta put a chain around his do')

(Another wolf's prowlin' round his do')

(I know who's talkin' bout yo' boy)

Oh well, who been here baby sister? (I know what I saw)

(Another wolf prowlin' round his do')

Are up and gone (said I seen)

(Other little boy 'round his do')

Little bitty boy

(Said I seen, other little boy around his do')

This girl be home (wolf's come in)

(Last time I saw her, she wasn't comin back)


(I heard about you callin, she isn't comin back)

(Forget about countin' on this girl, won't come back)


(Little bitty boy is on the prowl)


(I heard somebody talkin bout his girl)

(She won't come back)

(Ev'rybody's talkin bout his girl.

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