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How High movie - N 2 Gether Now lyrics

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Song by Limp Bizkit/Method Man<br /><br>

[Fred:] Who can be the boss? <br>

Look up to the cross <br>

Stranded in the land of the lost <br>

Standin up, I'm sideways <br>

I'm blazin' up the path <br>

Runnin on the highways of rap <br>

Choked up by the smoke and the charcoal <br>

Lava stamps and brands me like a barcode <br>

I'm Dashin all the meteor strikes <br>

Keep the media dykes <br>

As re-enforcements for the fight <br>

And that alone with keep John Ghotti on the phone <br>

Tangled in his own I got the bees on the track <br>

Where the fuck you at? <br>

[Method Man] Tical<br>

Let me hear you pigeons run your mouth now <br>

[Method Man] Shut the fuck up!<br>

I'm pluggin in them social skills <br>

That keep my total bills over a million <br>

The last time I checked it <br>

Thank God I'm blessed with the mind that I wreck it <br>

Wait until the second round, I'll knock him out <br>


[Method Man:] They call me big John stud <br>

My middle name mud <br>

Dirty water flow <br>

Too much for you thugs <br>

That can't stand the flood <br>

What up doc? <br>

Hold big gun like Elmer Fudd <br>

The sure shot <br>

Mr. Meth I'm unplugged <br>

Learn <br>

Temperature's too hot for sunblock <br>

Burn <br>

Playin with minds can get you state time <br>

Lock behind twelve bars from a great mind <br>

Killa bees in the club when there's ladybug <br>

Brought a sword to tha dance floor to cut a rug <br>

Love is love all day 'til they both slug <br>

And take another life in cold blood <br>

Can't feel me? <br>

Cause it's your blood <br>

Murder is tremendous <br>

Crime is endless <br>

Same shit different day <br>

Father forgive us <br>

They know not what they do <br>

Our praises do <br>

I'm big like easy, ya bigbamboo <br>


[Method Man:] What's that, I didn't hear you? <br>

Shut the fuck up! <br>

Come on a little louder <br>

Shut the fuck up! <br>

Everybody N 2 Gether now <br>

Shut the fuck up! <br>

What? What? <br>


[Method Man:] Headstrong, deadcon, dead by dawn <br>

Deadweight they dead wrong <br>

Let's get it on <br>

Twelve rounds of throwdown <br>

Who hold crown? <br>

Protect land with both pound <br>

Limp Bizkit <br>

Get around like merry-go <br>

What's the scenario? <br>

Comin' through your stereo <br>

Why risk it <br>

Lifestyles of the prolific and gifted <br>

Eight essential vitamins and minerals <br>

Delicious <br>

Word on the street is <br>

They bit my thesis <br>

Knocked out their front teethes <br>

Tryin to taste mine <br>

Actin like they heard through the grapevine <br>

Dope fiendin for the baseline <br>

To provide rhyme <br>

Pharmaceuticals <br>

Hard as nails to the cubicle <br>

Where you find that monster <br>

She beautiful <br>

Wu-Tang and Limp Bizkit <br>

Roll on the check <br>

Kick a hole in the speaker <br>

Pull the plug and inject <br>


[Fred:] Mic check <br>

So what's it all about? <br>

Where we gonna run? <br>

Maybe we can meet up on the sun <br>

Discretion is advised <br>

For the blood of virgin eyes <br>

Limpin on the track with Method <br>

So get the sunblock <br>

You get your one shot <br>

Until you dissolve <br>

I revolve around everything you got <br>

From outta nowhere prepare <br>

You'll be blinded by the glare <br>

I told you not to stare <br>

Now you're turned into stone <br>

Without a microphone <br>

But don't you forget you're in the zone <br>

[Method Man] So shut the fuck up!<br>

And take that shit back <br>

Cause all your shit's whack <br>

[Method Man] Doodoo is doodoo<br>

When it's way down like that <br>

Burnin up your brain like a piston <br>

So all those who didn't listen <br>

Never even knew what they were missin <br>

And never even knew that the sky was fallin down <br>

Wu-Tang Clan for the crown <br>


[Method Man:] What's that, I didn't hear you? <br>

Shut the fuck up! <br>

Come on a little louder <br>

Shut the fuck up! <br>

Everybody N2 Gether now <br>

Shut the fuck up! <br>

What? What? <br>


[Method Man:] It was over your head all day every day <br>

S-I-N-Y <br>

1-0-3-0-4 <br>

Wu-Tang, Killa Bees, and the Limp <br>

B-I-Z-K-I-T <br>

Gotta know the time <br>

Gotta know to rhyme <br>

It ain't easy bein greezy <br>

In a world of cleanliness and you know all that other madness <br>

We gone <br>

Peace <br>


Limp Bizkit, Method Man, rock the house y'all, bring it on <br>


Hey wait up, where you guys going? You're not recording are you? I'm all alone <br>

I can't do this <br>

Feel it <br>

You guys feel it out there? <br>

Check your head if you feel it <br>

Hey, hey, hey <br>

Every day is brigther than the next day, at least that's what you think <br>


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