House Of Lords

House Of Lords - We Will Always Be One lyrics

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You're the dark side of the moon

When I'm a million miles from you

I long to be there soon

Just to shine a light for you

(Pre-Chorus 1)

With eyes haunted as the sky

Broken wings can learn to fly

So can you and I


One light, things are gonna change

Dark night, coming down like purple haze

Face to face, we blind the sun

Yeah, we got it on the run

We will always be one!

(Verse 2)

As we climb to higher heights

Can you remember what it's like?

Then jump from a speeding train

And feel your heart race once again

(Pre-Chorus 2)

Over miracle of youth

I feel the power coming through

And oh, can you feel it too?


(Guitar solo)

(Pre-Chorus 1)


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