House Of Krazees

House Of Krazees - FX lyrics

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The black magic

My doll trouble

Voodoo and wicked spells

I dwell my scales

My brain bleeds bloody tales

Just a tomb tormenty axe

With a swinging axe

Attacks any person that moves for or steps back

Relax muthafukas the secrete lyes in the souls

Barely creeps so deep all the way til nine feet

An entrance to whom to my home sweet home

With fires burning your urine

For another House of Krazees song

The ROC that is me

Im taking you on a trip

My nuts still dragging like a ball and chain

My dicks the whip

You can't hide and you can't run from the son of

Guns has yo ass screaming look who's on the run

Come and get some of this

But watch yo shit

The clock has finally struck the hour for da killings bitch

There's no illusions just realism de effects

Are like tragic when you try to deal with em

My wig split em sticka

Stick a nigga boom clip boom

I broke ya neck whos next brotha FX

Its the deal

The dead will be dropping bombs

Here they come and fucking sing along with the jam

The man that you want to see

Mista Bones I break the compasity

The rinkle style playing yo eardrums fo-a-second

With the effects to break your necks with the wicked

Beats and drums surround and the fucking rythm

Plain old thoughts of suicide is what Im giving

To the minegrain explodes off the track

And the night the demon was on yo back

Break it down you very well

Mentle running in overdrive sacrafice on the hill

Listen cuz the bones begin to reck

And watch yo ass for the wicked ass FX

Mass illusions

Something extrodinarly strange

Home the deranged you thought you could hang

You smell the look of the in the instimentle case

The time is now for you to try and leave this place

You jump in the corner

Running down the hallway you see a door

You think it's nothing

You open it and fall right through the floor

There's no escape so living to live

Becomes a spiritual angish or even test of hell is wrong

My testimony sparks the intrum from you bastards

Wickedly macking I leave yo ass in bandages

So with yo roosta leaving with some broke necks

You can't fuck with the flicks check the FX

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