Houndmouth - 15 Years lyrics

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15 years in a Cadillac, love to make ‘em lose their mind

And then all make intimidate and make all niggas stay

A ball and a chain never felt for real

Ones and stone 15 bottle steal

In the war getting ______(?) gettin’ on your way


Well I wish you can see in the good old spooning round

I shoulda know better those thning, better keep a good man down

So please don’t you worry

Please don’t you ever come see me


Leave it out of text id fallin’

He stun so right and now

I was on marathon, not to last around

Judge in the convict and try to made

Sayin’ ‘em and while on ‘em

They ill gettin’ now and ball

They don’t know it now

And I just come my way



Ball and jail never felt so real

Rise and stole

15 bottles and steal

Fifty bottles down

And I’ll be coming home your way

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