Hopsin - No Hope

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I've been there when you needed me the most

Had your back when you were broke

I've shown you love when there's no hope

You were my friend, like blood

Like brothers, like family

Now I say damn

Where would you be without me?

Without me


I'm fuckin’ tired of playing God when you in need

The choices you made are on you completely, what's it got to do with me?

You mobbin’ throw the streets, clueless but it's not like you could see

You know I'm cool, so you take it like it's an opportunity

To get some free money, damn you ain't got no shame

You been livin’ off of my dog, bitch I'm not your bank

You be askin’ to borrow knowin’ that you not gonna pay

Abusin’ the privilege my nigga, that is not okay

Why don't you get it? I shouldn't have to explain it

Our foundation should be on some real shit, not you askin’ for payments

So create a dream, then get off your ass and then chase it

I'm mad and frustrated dealin’ with this shit, I'm lackin’ the patience

You the homie, I don't mind you comin’ around dog

But I should not have to pay for your downfall

Choose your faith, but still even if your day don't seem great

Just know I got your fuckin’ back either way, you already know



Now my own family trippin’, I ain't think I would get this shit from siblings

The money I'm makin’ is yours right? It's a given

Let me tell y'all why I get a different feelin’

Y'all was livin’ good watchin’ me and my mamma struggle once we get the bills in

I don't recall any help or sympathies

Since fifteen I been payin’ rent, you know what that did to me?

Could have been here, had this rap shit popping off, if y'all had lent the hand

But y'all wasn't worried 'bout helpin’ us, you had a different plan

Focused on yourself, and now you holdin’ on for help

You were self centered, and that was just an open door to hell

Ooh, you need some money now, yea of course I know the deal

You want the benefits without playin’ the courses on the field

You ain't even doin’ your best or tryin’

Don't ask me for shit unless you dyin’, this is me testifyin’

Just know that when your bright days goin’ straight

I couldn't have your back without feeling strange but you already know



Money can leave you isolated cuz people are shady

So why debate it? They love cash and fantasize to make it

To get it, we'll fight and break shit, develop unrighteous ways

Even takin’ the side with Satan, thankfully I've awaken

Foes who abused the privilege by havin’ those who were gifted

Around ‚em close and they vision, stop corrodin’ your friendships

Don't be havin’ your hands out, smilin’, hopin’ to get shit

Moochin’ off of a man's treasure is bogus and it's just

Not the way you should function with brothers when you're amongst 'em

That is what we call punk shit and it can leave you stuck in

A boat that's already sunken, this can happen to anyone

Sisters, brothers and cousins, they disrespectin’, then fuck 'em

That's the way that the fountain leaks, keep on pushin’ your boundaries

In due time I am bound to see all the snakes that surrounded me

I know that if my brightest days turn gray

You wouldn't have my back unless there was pay, it ain't no secret


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