Hopsin - Mr. Jones

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This nigga Hopsin blew the fuck up son, out of nowhere

Yo how the fuck this nigga doin’ that shit?

This nigga corny as fuck dog

I've been rappin’ just as long as the nigga and niggas don't respect me

What the fuck nigga?

Damn it's like that, it's like that?


I know you mad cuz they fuckin' with my music and it's not yours

Now you wanna copy like I'm spanish on a chalkboard

You still ain't got a key to the locked door

Game ain't showed you no love, nigga my lord

Yea, 2015 Raw encore

Give me my saw with the countdown – 5-4

Three, two, one, see when I choose bums, I bruise them

The new Duke Nukem is gruesome

Just last summer homie you was the hot dude

Label bein’ shady with you, who do you talk to?

Nigga your career is done as soon as they drop you

And all those little groupies you was cool with forgot you

The game never came with no easy assembly

Now you grievin’ in misery doin pizza delivery, damn

We don't recognise you like a secret identity, man

Shoulda came to FV for the remedy fam


Say something now Mr. Jones

Ooh, what you gotta say now Mr. Jones

[What you gotta say now Mr. Jones

Ooh, what you gotta say now Mr. Jones] x 3


These underground niggas think they on a roll

Then why you can't get the double X-L cover honor roll?

Been years, I just got no respect

I just watch y'all fall like the domino effect, nigga

Used to talk like you had the plan laid out

Till it backfired, nigga what you got to say now?

Doin’ twenty buck collabs throw your Paypal

Shoulda joined FV, you coulda shut your bank down

Niggas like "Hop calm down

Why you always gotta get so emotional?"

I'm like "if it ain't comin’ from the heart

How the fuck is my fanbase s'posed to grow, alright?"

Yea, tell these folks not to bother

When I blew up, you got blown out the water

You dissed him on Disney, get thrown in the locker

Your shit wasn't polished, my flow is too proper



Niggas jumpin' in cuz the bar is low

Fuck it, I been starvin' yo, weak ass niggas, I'mma target those

Do not approach wit a sorry flow, I'll chop you into particles

I'm on the pedestal that you are below

I ain't heard a mutherfuckin' thing that's remarkable

Dissin' me just won't work out, no cardio

Welcome to the ill rap carnival

Bout to blow your mutherfuckin' brains out quick with my arsenal

Ah, nigga stop with the coupe charades, not in the mood to play

You going to school today

You put a single out, pocket then loot in change

Nigga your jewelry is not gonna boost your fame

You too lame, bottom of the food chain

The poop stain, I'm Bruce Wayne, I'm too trained

They ain't go no way to reduce pain, when I throw blows

If I ain't hot, God damn, I don't know



Mr. Jones where you at man?

When you go to blow up man?

When am I gonna start hearin’ ‚bout you, it's been years man?

You been rappin’ for over a decade and you haven't made one move buddy

Shit, I know why you haven't made one fuckin’ move

Nigga you suck x 2

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