Hope - Killer

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Shit I be minor tone like don … light scheme

Social life curtains are just addicted to … me

You could be cool, but my son turned 3

I blink he turn 4, he goin’ fast not me

But how about Mickey, I could be Neo too

A light big shine goes right for the whole crew

Could die from the … well what can I do

When my inspiration is bigger than gang banger 2

I could man to be, delivery is butter … fresh lime from the gutter

Dust off my hoody, never know from us

You can never tell how long they don’t love you

So cash me the fuck out, I’m tryin to bring the truck out

It seems like the world just walk in a state duck out

Bust out with a bad bitch with a bust out

All after calls get bust on they truck out

… team never bought one in my life

Black scale … leg or …

Hunger in my eyes and in my stomach some tonight

You gonna pay me what you own me homie, I deserve mine

By any fucking mean and … need

I’ma fuck the world finally for fuckin’ me

It’s time to turn the tables like speed on a tour jag

… never turned a …

Lights so bright they picture me

I’m gonna practice so do that shit

So might come back to use that kick, …

I’m a killer, killer

I guess we posted it a … sac

Roll and blow me dody bag

Pistol in my lower back, acting like …

We killing all… trying to hold us back

We a far cry from the bus out talk in black

I hear you trying be that nigger in the city

And make a … to the … you way not

Not a hope for the town, no rhymes to waste

I will milk said who are he on your level anyway

…motherfucker so, I make new chippers, spitting songs …

Got niggers mind flow, that’s what seems to happen when you’re dominion has grown

And your baby face is easily nodes how would you …

That time out, I think I lost control

Somewhere in between that … up Patron

… how I got girls on my phone

What the fuck you’re calling me, distracting me on my zone

In airplane mode, baby I’m … believe of who they over it

Running from the sober shit

Section is reality, I like my q

Got the struggle out of many shoe, talented e few

I met …

Lights so bright they picture me

I’m gonna practice so do that shit

So might come back to use that kick, …

I’m a killer, killer

I heard the beat I knew just what to write

Got the lighter, lift the tip up, I’m chasing the life

If I didn’t live my rhymes out I’d be better off

Ain’t no … blessed when you trying to get your message off

Ain’t no faking over here, ah, we do it hard

To rappers I’m a killer, to producers I’m an …

Pass what you … know, bargain ain’t be bother

I’m a young hood … back to party, I’m nigger

You wanna fuck with me? Ok, you wanna play rough?

Well fuck you, how about that?

Fuck all you niggers, ah

Baby I’m spit this … so ain’t never got to worry

Nigger what I say I do, cause most niggers ain’t got the courage

I do.<br />

<br />

Thanks to Andrei

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