Hope - Body on Me

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Ladies love what I’ve been through

Blood on my temples, Love ain’t an issue

But love is a issue

Guys is to be recognized Girls to be loved

Most don't get that 'bout each other so that's why they fucked up

Trying to get it all together

Fit as tight as a glove

My favorite part is your smile, I'm tryna liven it up

You will be down for me whether I ride on a bus


Take me to the other side (You know my name love)

Wanna be where you reside

Pour me drinks and tell me lies

I don’t mind, If you won’t mind

Cause I just want your body on me

I just want your body on me X3

I just want your

At night, I'm over drinkin' which leads to over thinkin'

I am living in the moment

I ain’t thinking past evening

Playin' off the vibe girl I'm never misleadin'

Trying to make the right moves

Love is never misleadin'

But I dare ya, Do I scare ya?

Tryna make it clear

Maybe I should clear the air up

Bold move number one, I watch the tension flair up

Try to make a tear up, can they hear us?

Maybe I'm over jealous

Maybe you're over willing

Maybe it's gettin' late

Maybe you're just too giving

Maybe girl I should leave

Maybe you should stop me

Maybe we should cure the maybe

Maybe this our only option

Heavy breathin'

I hear you across the room

I am saying how I feel, I know you feel it too

So if I'm outta bounds, just call me on it boo

Or else I'm gunna devour all that's left for you

Miss Jhene, Hey


Hello, Miss Jhene. My name's HOPE.

That’s the only pick up line I know

It works every time

Silly yeah I know

Tryin' to take your little heart to everywhere I go

My actions is fast

My attention is slow

Say I'm doing my thing

You say I'm rockin' the boat

Yeah the captain is here

Go along with the flow

Your body says something I wanna know


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