Hocico - Self Destructive Path

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I see you confused there is no more left to see

maybe it´s the fear of a damned mental state

dust in the air tempest invades your fantasy narcotics running

infusing all your soul this age showed you another side of its

face to take you down in a destructive path

Why are you wating to change the way of subsist? the time

has gone over the thoughts of this mankind revenge in crowd

everybody wants to kill now the mass media commands you to

decide not by your self abuse of all, change your mind and

lifestyle, despise all that joins you with your race

confine your ideas, praise the brutal deaths put your

mind out of this criminal dose, give me your nerves, neurosis

panic and rave, crisis, hate, noise, scream, blame, hope

pulse, screen, drugs, crimes, blood, death, alive, scum

why you? why are you wasting your life?

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