Hocico - Scars

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Show me your vices

My vice is you

And it's destroying me deep inside

Show me your sickness

My cancer is you

And it's eating my inner cells insane

Show me your wounds

My wound is you

And it will open forever more

Show me your addiction

My addiction is you

And that's exactly what i refuse

All i need is what i get

You can have me is what you said

I can tell you what i've got

All is nightmares,All is false

It's eating me insane

My body is bruised

My body is scattered

I wish you're dead,i guess you're dead

Recall my name when nothing else stays

You'll never get the answers on old days

Recall my scars when you take off your disguise

While falling dreams are calling and taking your life

Thanks to Jack for correcting these lyrics

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