Hocico - Raging Soul

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Blind steps far away

are getting closer slowly coming

When, no matter, they`ll have to face me

I'm here waiting for the blaze

A tiny movement lights my blaze

it burns intense for bastards

I feel it comes from within

I always wanted, I always am that flame

that shines to raze, to raze

you innocent preys

soon you`ll hear my name

`cause I`m the one who seals your fate

Blind intruders

you'll pay with your lives

I'll hurt and rape

your souls in long nights

you'll just see my light

my joy is hearing your cries

My name is on your skin

the door is opened

faces turn to me

your body's broken

whatever is the pain you face

whatever is the payment

I won't forgive

I'll release my spite and revulsion

'till I'm pleased, 'till I'm pleased

you`ll kiss my will

I can punish the sin you never knew

I can be the thing you always fear

you'll never see my shape

but always you'll be under my rage.

I`ll wait for it

I`ll wait for you

I`ll wait for hatred to burst out

Give me a sign

give me a light

give me the key to slay you

I`m gonna be

I`m gonna stay

wherever you put your footsteps

I wanna enjoy

I wanna taste

the flavor of a sweet vengance

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