Hocico - Lady Killer (In Cold Blood)

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The music her hair used to make goes with the wind

It's listened by the animals the night breeds

Her head lies on the bloody rocks

Staring to a mute sky full of doubts

Bitch your mine under dessert's sky

Screams and laments will fill the night

I just wanna fuck you

May my words make you fly?

I prefer to see the falling of their grace

They won't get me 'cause I'm just their disease

Cold blooded disease

Ladykiller's my name

Cold blooded disease

I rape

Your nipples dance with my teeth

I pull them out to the extreme

I just wanna hurt you

Black hair dances with the wind

I wish to see you tied, dirty, confused

I wish to see you undressed, trembling, confused

I wanna cut you up tonight

I wanna chop you off

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