Hocico - Instincts of Perversion

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I can hear the call

Of your instincts they are low

This is what I want

I know you're nothing but a whore

I can smell your thirst

You need my insults on you now

I'll step on you at first

So get closer, you're too far

I bless you with my fist

The more I beat the more you need

I abuse, I live for this

Make your perversion real through me

I rape you that's fair

To my eyes you're a cheap whore

I call you like that again

So you know who I am

I belong to offense

You belong to abuse

You belong to pain

So you were born to lose

I slay your will

In front of your eyes

I humiliate you

That's what I like

I beat you more I lose control

I can even feel your soul

I want to die in this game

Which I always want to play

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