Hocico - Doomed to perish

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hello jesus welcome to see

the inquisition of the blind

are these people victims of your hate?

are you dead or are you still alive?

bombs keep dropping from your heaven

so nobody can say

there´s something wrong

but we never could listen

it was only a feather on the air

for your own private perversion

our world ends and no one will survive

can you hear them all breathe?

while they choke and you smile

cry and make sure all

the living listen to your cry

singing the ending

while everyone just cries

dying again

you and me apocalypse begins

the rest die as all their believes

hate is only a human disease

can you just quit crying please?

and if all we see is only an illusion

you´d rather die or live inside of it?

i am ready for the end

don´t want to turn it back

who´s the dying disease?

is it inside of us?

i wanna give it to you

you wanna give it to me

whoý the dying disease?

will it kill us all?

and it´ll eat our souls

and it´ll eat ourselves

do you feel the touch?

don´t close you eyes

never, don´t let it die

no never again

feel the touch, don´t close you eyes

no, never again

die, die, do it again

everything vanishes

and this is our end

die, die, do it again

there´s nothing here for you

there´s nothing here so

die, die, die with your submissions

die, die, die with your believes

die, die, die with your submissions

die, die, die with your believes

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