Hitch movie

Hitch movie - Ooh Wee lyrics

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Song by Mark Ronson<br /><br>

(feat. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife Da God and Saigon)<br>


[Intro: Ghostface Killah (Nate Dogg)]<br>


(La-la-la-la, lalalalalala)<br>

Yo, what's the deal, nigga?<br>

Ain't nuthin' pa, we just here and all that<br>

Trynna get our head rights, get this money right<br>

You know what I'm sayin', you know how it go<br>

Just another day in the hood (la-la-la-la, lalalalalala)<br>

Yo, yo<br>


[Ghostface Killah]<br>

Aiyo, what a night, New York City, heard it goin' down<br>

Friday night, midnight, Atlantic City<br>

Slot machines, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding, when they ring off<br>

Lock the doors, that's when Ghost just g'd off<br>

Cigars, paisley robes<br>

Four bitches guardin' me safely as we walk to the window<br>

The cashier was scared, she asked for my info<br>

The manager arrived with two guards, that's an insult<br>

That's the cause, just because<br>

We talkin' bout 5 million dollars here, this ain't Play-doh dough<br>

And your horoscope read, you gon' slay those lows<br>

We got scribbes, Anthony Acid, rockin' the show<br>

Special guest: Starks / Mark Ronson<br>

First five hundred bitches went crazy he let them on and in<br>

All he did was plug me in, I got the chargin'<br>

Got they bras and ran through they whole apartment (la-la-la-la, lalalalalala)<br>


[Chorus 2X: Nate Dogg]<br>

Oooooh weee, ooh wee, (la-la-la-la, lalalalalala)<br>


[Nate Dogg]<br>

When I step into the party, all the ladies wanna know<br>

I'm hangin' wit the ballers, yeah, or my nigga Ghost<br>

I can tell you what they say haters, if you wanna know<br>

They say ooooooh wee<br>

When I'm roll in my Mercedes, all the ladies wanna roll<br>

Be my Juliet and I can be your Romeo<br>

If you actin' menace I can pick another hoe<br>

Oooooooooh weee (la-la-la-la, lalalalalala)<br>

In the middle of the summer, or even twenty below<br>

I'm a bad muthafucka, I'm way to fuckin' cold<br>

Let me tell you what they say, when I'm pullin' off my drawers<br>

They say ooooooooooh weeeee<br>



Aiyo, aiyo<br>

My games here to party, just to cut up a rug<br>

Don't make me wanna cut up a thug<br>

Now play something for D.J., cuz there's nothin' but love<br>

Hosted by the ladies who lookin' for somethin' to rub<br>

When we roll out, we roll on dubs, rollin' up bud<br>

The Theodore Unit, we controllin' the club<br>

Mamies, shakin' they ass, they throwin' it up<br>

Like a B.E.T. commercial, I'm "wrappin' it up"<br>


[Chorus 2X]<br>


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