Hinder - Waking Up The Devil

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Almost midnight

I'm just sittin' at the bar

You slide ride up

Whisper "I know who you are"

And you want a little company tonight

You need a little love, I can give it to you right

Be careful what you wish for

If I'm gonna drive, girl it's gonna be one hell of a ride


Wakin' up the devil

Rattlin' the cage inside of me

I miss him a little

When he gets out, we're one hell of a team

I know when I leave

He locks up and throw away the key

But his hand's on the wheel and my foot's on the pedal

Wakin' up the devil

Up walks some guy

Starin' a hole through me

Grabs her too tight

Then he pulls her off my knee

I didn't come here lookin' for a fight

But if you're gonna bark boy, you better have a bite

I ain't been crazy in a really long time

But you're about to need a good friend tonight


Pretty girls and whiskey

Quarter bags and dimes

Put it in my face, I'm gonna do it every time

But try to keep me quiet

Try to hold me down

Damn it feels like heaven every time he comes around


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