Hinder - Up All Night

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Saw a waitress, couldn't waste it

Opportunity knocks and you take it

Went to my place, gotta get a taste

Couple shots hit the bar we were wasted

Now she's all in, the room is spinning

Probably shouldn't have shot that of jamison

Here we go again, she's a perfect 10

Just tell me how I was in the morning

The night's far from over

And I'm far from sober

But she's looking fine

We're gonna be up all night

Gonna take you for a ride

We're gonna be up all night

Get it on till the morning light

We're gonna be up all night

Doing things your dad won't like

So far from sober that I'll have to snap

Through my hang over

Got my attention, when she walked in

Turning heads with a tiny skirt and sassy grin

She's a blonde one, they say they're more fun

I'll let you know when the sexy dirty deed is done

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