Hillsong - I Give My All

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Bless my life, take away the shame<br />

Allow me to experience your most amazing grace<br />

Fill my heart, it's empty and frail<br />

Make me whole again Lord, mend my broken soul<br />

Refrain:<br />

Offer my life to You Lord<br />

With all my strength I worship you<br />

Chorus:<br />

And I give my all (Take me as I am)<br />

I am Yours Oh God (Lead me to Your arms)<br />

And I give You praise (I rejoice in You)<br />

<br />

'Til the end of my days I give my all<br />

<br />

Intro<br />

<br />

Verse 2:<br />

<br />

You give Your all, unworthy as I amYou have died fro me, Lord, and now I am free<br />

You're the only reason my heart leaps for joy<br />

I give You back the glory, Lord mold me and use me<br />

Refrain<br />

<br />

Chorus(2x)<br />

<br />

Ending:<br />

'Til the end of my days I give my all<br />

'Til the end of my days I give my all</

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