Hillsong - Beneath The Waters

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Verse 1

This is my revelation

Christ Jesus crucified

Salvation through repentance

At the cross on which He died

Verse 2

Now here my absolution

Forgiveness for my sin

And I sink beneath the waters

That Christ was buried in


I will rise

I will rise

As Christ was raised to life

Now in Him

Now in Him I live

Verse 3

I stand a new creation

Baptised in blood and fire

No fear of condemnation

By faith I'm justified


I rise as You are risen

Declare Your rule and reign

My life confess Your Lordship

And glorify Your Name

Your word it stands eternal

Your kingdom knows no end

Your praise goes on forever

And on and on again

No pow'r can stand against You

No curse assault Your throne

No one can steal Your glory

For it is Yours alone

I stand to sing Your praises

I stand to testify

For I was dead in my sin

But now I rise

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