Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship - Never Forsaken lyrics

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Find me with open arms, pull me towards your heart

Swept away in the tides of your spirit

Your hope will not reside, your grace cannot run dry

I will dive into you


And for all my days in your shadow I'll remain

Oh, I can stay here forever, and by your side

I know you will shine away

I am never forsaken

(Verse 2)

And I can sleep these nights, to you I'll hold you tight

I will rest in the depths of your mercy

You drench my weary soul, your spirit overflows

Here I sleep in your love


(Bridge x2)

(Whoa oh oh) x4

I'm covered by your love

Keep searching in my heart

Forever I am found in you, my God

My feet have run too far (?!)

But now I'm waking up

Forever I am found in you, my God


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