Heartbreak Kid, The movie

Heartbreak Kid, The movie - Painting By Chagall

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Song by The Weepies<br /><br>

Thunder rumbles in the distance, a quiet intensity<br>

I am willful, your insistence is tugging at the best of me <br>

You're the moon, I'm the water<br>

You're Mars, calling up Neptune's daughter <br>


Sometimes rain that's needed falls <br>

We float like two lovers in a painting by Chagall<br>

All around is sky and blue town <br>

Holding these flowers for a wedding gown<br>

We live so high above the ground, satellites surround us. <br>


I am humbled in this city<br>

There seems to be an endless sea of people like us<br>

Wakeful dreamers, I pass them on the sunlit streets <br>

In our rooms filled with laughter<br>

We make hope from every small disaster<br>


Everybody says "you can't, you can't, you can't, don't try." <br>

Still everybody says that if they had the chance they'd fly like we do.<br>


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