HEART - White Lightning Wine

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This night's gone, we're moving on<br>Highway's calling aloud<br>I bring them in with eyes of sin<br>It's a down drinkin' freaky crowd<br>Chew you up and spit you out<br>Never want to know your name<br>Don't want to know you but I sure want to show you<br>Will forget I came<br>On the world's all mine<br>White lightning and wine came on so fast<br>When did I last feel this fine? <br>White lightning and wine<br>Sweet little one let me love you some<br>Take me or leave me alone<br>The gooder they come, the harder they fall<br>Turn around you are a nasty joke<br>Yeah, we all laugh oh, hah, what a gas!<br>Watching you chew on the bones<br>In the morning light you didn't look so nice<br>Guess you'd better hitch hike home

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